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You, too, can be a San Diego Charger Backer!  If you’re a fan, you want to join the long-standing (50+ years!) Official San Diego Chargers Fan Club, so that when someone asks, “Are you a Charger fan?” you can officially say, “YES, I AM!  … And I’ve got the membership card to prove it!”

Join the original San Diego Chargers fan club, established in 1961, and we’ll mail out a Charger Backer membership card for each family member listed on your membership form. Your whole family (two adults and all children under 18) can join for just one low price!

 PLUS we’ll send you a free San Diego Charger Backer sticker with your membership card!

Why Join?

As a member, you get a chance to volunteer at local Charger-sponsored charity events throughout the season, and a chance to meet the players while doing it!

You will also get an electronic copy of our monthly newsletter (June – February), and be eligible to join us at our local events, including some week day lunches and pre-home game dinners where you have a great chance to meet a Charger up close and personal! Last season, Charger Backers got to meet Players #28 Brandon Taylor, #42 Kyle Nelson,  #70 Kevin Haslam, #79 Mike Harris, #89 LaDarius Green, and #54 Melvin Ingram.

It’s a great way to get player autographs … and if you’re quick, you can even get your photo with one of our visiting players!

How to you Join the Charger Backers?

It’s easy.  Just open the membership form (CLICK HERE), SAVE it to your computer, and complete the simple form online in just a minute or so!  Print it and send with your check to:

San Diego Charger Backers
PO Box 502195
San Diego, CA 92150-2195

You will support the Chargers, not only at the games, but at various social and charity events throughout the year!  As a member, you can volunteer to be on the front lines with the Charger players as they work to make a difference in the lives of many of San Diego’s underprivileged.

Remember, DOWNLOAD APPLICATION  and SAVE the Application to fill it out online, or DOWNLOAD APPLICATION  it complete it by hand.

Who can join?

Anyone, anywhere, can be an official San Diego Charger Backer!

What Does it Cost?

Memberships inside the continental US are only $30 (individual and families!).  Members living outside the US pay only an additional $5, which is still only $35!

Are YOU a Charger fan?  Join and be proud to say, “A Charger Fan?  Why, “YES, I AM!”




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