Charger Backers Luncheon (Friday – Noon) and then Send Off the Team!

Hi Charger Backers – Let’s get ready for the PLAYOFFS!!!

Come join your fellow Charger Backers for lunch on Friday January 2nd.

Lunch will start at 12:00PM (Noon).  

The Giovanni’s Special is all the salad, pizza and soft drink you can eat for
$13.00. We need a minimum of 20 people for the Special. Otherwise you may order
off the menu. If you order off the menu there will be a charge of $2.00 at the

Reservations are required if you plan to attend the luncheon!   Please call Larry at

Giovanni’s Restaurant
9353 Clairemont Mesa Drive, San Diego
(Corner of Clairemont Mesa Drive and Ruffin Road)
Phone 858-279-6700

Parking is also available on the National University parking lot. Entrance to
this parking lot by going south on Ruffin road, then turn right on Lightwave
Ave, the campus is on the right then right again past the first building into
the parking lot then proceed all the way back to the fence. Its a short walk to

At 1:00PM we will all caravan over the Chargers HQ to send off the Team as they all head to the Airport!

Hope to hear from you soon,
Go Chargers!!!

Larry Rodekohr
President, Charger Backers Fan Club




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